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The Globl Management Advisors consultancy services offered to its clients

belong to different categories:

Selection and Assignment Construction Works

Globl Management Advisors has a large network of international consultants, with whom it is able to select the best in the various countries of building construction contracts.
In a few days of mission, we select and analyz all costs to acquire the construction activities and is going to sign the contracts. In countries where it is necessary to have a special purpose company, we are able to provide and record a Newco in a few days, including the organization of all the below described banking facility.
But what is more interesting, is that we operate in countries where you can get the direct assignment of construction work, without participating in any tender.

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Selection of high-income Real Estate investments

Globl Management Advisors has a great number of investment opportunities in Real Estate and Building works.

They are present in a variety of investment categories portfolio for:

  • Who intend to build and sell

  • Who intend to buy property already built, on their own use

  • Who want to buy properties that already have an income from rent

  • Other additional possible solutions

All with profit margins up to 30% in the case of income from rent, to even exceed 100-200% in real estate construction-sale high-income operations, in some particular country that have a luxury market in great demand

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Selecting Banks to support Business Operations

Globl Management Advisors has direct and indirect relationships with international banks and financial institutions.

Be it finance the purchase of an apartment, or to issue Bank Guarantee for international construction operations for tens of millions, GMA has the right solutions.

Financing for the purchase, or advances on income from rent, are available for Retail customers.
For the Corporate clients, we can manage the purpose financing, advances on contracts signed, operational funding in bank account, Bid Bonds for participation in tenders, Performance Bond to ensure the works, and Advanced Payments Bonds as security for advances received.
Other financial activities are available on request.

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Selecting Best Players in Commodities fields

Globl Management Advisors  maintains direct and indirect relationships with the owners of mines, quarries, extraction sites, etc. and with the most important players in these markets.


The main basins are:

1) the African continent for metals and precious stones
2) North Africa, the Middle East and Russia for the Oil & Gas market
3) UAE and Switzerland are the main end customer sites

Furthermore, there are relationships with the most important quality controllers for the individual reference markets:

a) Precious metals: Gold, Platinum, Palladio and Rhodium
b) Precious stones: Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies and rare stones
c) Oil & Gas: Diesel, Jet Fuel, Mazut, LNG, LPG, AGO

Rotterdam, Huston, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok, Nachodka and others, are the main destination ports for the oil sector.

We have knowledge and use the main financial instruments in agreement with the top 25 banks worldwide: LC, SBLC, MT760, MT103, Brinks, etc.

We prepare and deliver all professional documentation using ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) standards, from the SCO to the FCO and SPA, including the use of IMFPA to protect the commissions of our agents, facilitators and representatives.

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